Beautiful Brownstones of the Hudson River

If you're thinking about buying a home in the Hudson River area of New Jersey, you're bound to come across classic brownstones. Highly sought after by prospective buyers, these historic homes are staples of the area and have been for hundreds of years. We're here to tell you why brownstones are the hottest properties on New Jersey's Gold Coast!   

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All About Brownstones

What Is a Brownstone?

A brownstone is traditionally one of two types of houses: a rowhouse or a townhouse. Rowhouses are attached multi-story homes that are similar to the ones it's connected with, whereas townhouses are attached or detached multi-story homes that are built close to the street. Both types of properties are typically built of brown sandstone and can be found in many of the Hudson River communities—particularly Hoboken and Jersey City. 

Why Are There So Many Brownstones Near the Hudson River?

Brownstones first made an appearance in New York City in the early 19th century, which is why they're prevalent throughout the older neighborhoods of Brooklyn and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Back then, there was a growing demand for affordable yet upscale housing. Brown sandstone was less expensive than limestone or marble, plus more durable and elegant than brick, so it was chosen as the construction material of choice.

What Makes Brownstones Unique? 

When you're walking down New Jersey's city streets and see a steep staircase leading to a doorway on the second floor, you've most likely stumbled upon a brownstone. Brownstones can be identified by their dark brown coloring and stone exteriors. As for their interiors, these homes are mostly inspired by Renaissance-era Italian palaces—carved keystones, crown molding, and columns are just a few of their defining features.  

Why Buy a Brownstone?

Charming, fanciful, historic, quaint, whimsical—brownstones are all of the above! The old-style elegance of these homes conjures up the sweetest feelings of nostalgia. When you buy a brownstone, you get the benefit of experiencing both the city's historic charm and its hottest new treasures. Plus, property taxes on brownstones can be lower than those of similar sized condos, and you won't waste money on condo amenities you may not use. 

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