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Ready to relocate? Whether you're moving down the street or coming from another state, the team at Eddie Perez is here to welcome you home! There's so much to do and explore in Northern New Jersey, you'll want to be settled in your new home as soon as possible. Follow our handy guide and before you know it, you'll be loving every minute of life.

Check These Boxes

Before Your Move

First thing's first: organize and declutter. You don't need any extra weight slowing you down! Host a yard sale or donate unwanted items. The more you can let go of, the faster packing the house will be. Make sure to change your address with a few weeks' notice, too.

During Your Move

Keep essential items unpacked and with you. Some things you'll want handy include moving confirmation information, financial records, a first aid kit, and any documentation you can't afford to lose. Pack a travel bag for an easy first night's stay in your new home!

After Your Move

While it's exciting to start unpacking, the best time to clean your new home is when it's relatively empty. Once it's time to open those boxes, unpack the most heavily used rooms first, like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and work your way through the house.

Handy Packing Tips

  • Use strong boxes: Don't skimp on the quality of boxes. Use reinforced ones and packing tape.
  • Add extra cushion: Always surround fragile items in bubble wrap, newspaper, or towels.
  • Mark each box: Write the room of the house on each box, plus if it's fragile or heavy.
  • Go vertical: Glass and ceramic items, like dishes, pack better vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Watch the weight: Heavy items should go in their own small boxes, and of course, label them!
  • Find what you need: Create an "open me first!" box, with essential items you'll want the first night.

Our Moving Resources

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It's truly exciting to buy real estate in Hudson County. Our team has all the buying resources and guides, including featured properties, things to do, neighborhood guides, and more.

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Northern New Jersey has a variety of luxury real estate opportunities for you to explore. Let's find your fit in Hudson County, whether you want to end up in Hoboken, Jersey City, or Weehawken.

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If you know what you want and you're ready to get it, use our custom search and sign up for notifications. Pick your price, location, and must-have features to find your dream home.

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