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What REALLY Happens When You List With Eddie Perez Group?

You read real estate agents’ testimonials of satisfied customers who’ve successfully negotiated a home sale in record time and pocketed a hefty reward for their seemingly-minimal efforts. As someone looking up from the bottom of the proverbial mountain trek that is selling a home, you might be wondering just how those smiling sellers made that journey to the top from where you stand.

Read our story, starting from satisfied client, to learn just how you, too, can become a successful home seller. Trust us, when you work with a pro agent, it’s really not hard!

4. Creating Satisfied Clients

Our happy clientele speak for themselves! We've negotiated many successful sales in and around Hoboken, and our goal is to make the selling process stress-free while protecting your investment.

"This was my first time at selling a two family home on my own, and I have to say I was feeling very overwhelmed. However, Edward and his team, including MJ and Helen, held my hand the entire way and made me feel very comfortable."
– Christine Marshall

3. Negotiating the Sale for the Best Return on Investment

Why are our clients ultimately so satisfied? Because they've sold their home at a price that makes them happy. Through superior negotiation skills and a deep understanding of the local market, we are able to quickly and efficiently close sales at a price that offers the highest possible return on investment to our sellers.

2. Maximum Exposure Advertising & Wide-Reaching Platforms

How do we get the best price for you home? We use maximum exposure marketing to reach the largest possible number of potential buyers. The more potential buyers you have, the more offers you're likely to receive, and the more offers you receive, the more likely buyers are to raise their prices. We ensure maximum exposure for your listing through several wide-reaching platforms, including social media marketing, property videos and virtual tours, and even print advertisement such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times

1. Getting Started with a Consultation

Before we can launch a stellar advertising campaign, we need to meet you! This is where your story begins... so pick up the phone, shoot as an email, and let's get started. 

Contact Eddie Perez Group for a satisfying client experience, a fast sale, and the best possible return on your investment.